“Wally Does Not Want a Haircut” and “Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!”


Wally Does Not Want a Haircut: Wally does not need a haircut. His hair is perfectly fine. Sure, it trips him up a tad and gathers a bit of greenery. But Wally does NOT want a haircut. He doesn’t even want one after his mama and their barnyard friends show off their own fun new ’dos. But when his unruly hair holds him back from the hoedown, he might have to reconsider.


Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!: Klondike’s sister is having a birthday party, and everything is ready–the only thing that’s left to do is wait until it’s time to eat the birthday cupcakes. But Klondike REALLY loves cupcakes. And waiting is SO hard.


WATCH and LISTEN to author/illustrator Amanda Driscoll read her books “Wally Does Not Want a Haircut” and “Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!” for Stimola Literary Studio:


ACTION RHYME: Five White and Fluffy Sheep (tune: Five Green and Speckled Frogs)

Five white and fluffy sheep (hold up five fingers)
In the pasture fast asleep (place hands together and lean side of head on them)
Their wool kept them cozy all night long (hug yourself)
Snore! Snore! (make snore sounds)
The farmer slipped away with one (hold up one finger)
And sheared the wool till he was done (clap)
Then there were 4 white fluffy sheep (hold up four fingers)
Baa! Baa! (baa like a sheep!)


Continue counting down and end with:
Then there were no more fluffy sheep!
All sheared!  (spread out arms, palms up)


FINGERPLAY: Five Birthday Candles

(count down with fingers)

Five birthday candles, wish there were more.
I blew one out and then there were four.

Four birthday candles, pretty as can be.
I blew out another and then there were three.

Three birthday candles, yellow, red, and blue.
I blew out another and then there were two.

Two birthday candles, birthday cakes are fun.
I blew out another and then there was one.

One birthday candle, the party’s almost done.
I blew that one out and now there are none!







  • Get some paper and crayons and practice your drawing by watching the last 10 minutes of the video again!


LITERACY TIP: Cooking and baking together is a great way to help children understand following instructions, sequencing, sizes and measurements! Is it time to make some cupcakes together?

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