“Tally Cat Keeps Track” story and scavenger hunt

Tally McNally is an alley cat who loves to tally! He keeps track of all sorts of contests – who wins the most races, who is the tallest, who can climb the most trees, and more. When the results are counted up, Tally is always the winner. One rainy day, Tally competes to become the “wettest cat.” But he goes too far and gets into a jam. Will his friends – who lose to him tally after tally – find a way to save him?  Kids and caregivers can enjoy this story and activity together!

1. Click here to read together the book: “Tally Cat Keeps Track” by Trudy Harris.
2. Then hand out the “indoor scavenger hunt” worksheet (download as pdf) and let your child tally things around the house. Set a timer in order to signal when to meet back together to discuss the results and share a healthy snack. 

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