Prance from page to page in search of the perfect pair of party shoes. Children of all ages will love to go on a shoe shopping expedition with these four friends, from “fuzzy boots for when it snows” to “ballerinas on our toes.” The girls try on every shoe in the store, but “eeny, meeny, my, oh, my [they] just don’t know which shoes to buy.” With some feathers and glitter, a little bit of glue, and a LOT of imagination, the girls come up with the best shoes of all!

1. WATCH and LISTEN to illustrator LeUyen Pham read from her picture book “Shoe-La-La!,” written by Karen Beaumont.

2. Talk with your child about what different types of shoes he/she has, and what different types of shoes other family members have. Shoes for dancing? Shoes for sports? Shoes for hiking?
3. Look outside the window. What is the weather like where you are? Is it wet and muddy? What shoes should you wear outside? Is it a sunny dry day? What shoes could you wear outside to play?
4. Draw and color an imaginary pair of shoes – choose a special occasion and design away!
5. Have a dress up day – or a dress up week – or a dress up month! One day you can be a fairy princess, the next day you can be a construction worker or a ballerina! How many different ways can you dress up while you are home?

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