“One Hug”


[adapted from: Alpena County Public Library]


Told in sweet, joyful rhymes and bright, colorful illustrations, One Hug celebrates the many ways we embrace our loved ones. 


WATCH and LISTEN to author Katrina Moore read One Hug:


DISCUSS and CREATE different ways to say hello.

Practice air hugs, air high fives, and elbow bumps. What other ways could you say hello? Make up a special hands-free “handshake.” Make up other unique ways to say hello and show you care!


SEND a hug. How does it make you feel to hug the people you love? Make a “hug” to send in the mail! Use this linked craft template or design your own. Include a letter or drawing with your “hug.”


DRAW yourself giving someone a hug or visit the author’s website for printable activity sheets.

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