“Lucky Ducklings”

Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Early one morning, Mama Duck takes her babies for a walk. They follow safely behind her as they leave their pond, waddle through the park, and stop in the little sunlit town’s parking lot for yummy breakfast. But one by one, Mama’s little ducklings get separated when they disappear into the slats of the town’s storm drain. Three firemen and a pickup truck rush to their rescue!

WATCH and LISTEN to illustrator Nancy Carpenter read “Lucky Ducklings” by Eva Moore and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter:


COLOR. Get out your crayons because Miss Anne found a free coloring page from SuperColoring.com.



  • Kanopy Kids has the Weston Woods video of Lucky Ducklings, written by Eva Moore and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter.





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