“Lilah Tov Good Night”

A soothing Hebrew lullaby takes on added meaning for a refugee family:

As the moon rises, a family steps into the night on a journey toward a new beginning. Along the way, their little girl delights in the wonders of nature, saying good night–lilah tov–to the creatures and landscapes they pass. Wherever she looks–on land, in the sky above and even, eventually, in the water below her boat–there are marvels to behold. “Lilah tov to the birds in the trees, lilah tov to the fish in the sea.” Then, when their travels are finally over, her parents tuck her in tight, safe and ready for dreams in their new home.

WATCH and LISTEN to Ben Gundersheimer (Mister G) read/sing his book Lilah Tov Good Night; illustrated by Noar Lee Naggan:


MAKE a moon paper plate craft:


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