National Poetry Month – 2021 Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Poetry Month Contest winners: Kat F., Betsy R., Evelyn P., Marisa A. and Madeline S.! Prizes for the winners were donated by the Friends of Bethlehem Public Library. To check out their winning poems below, click on the image to make it larger.

Madeline S.

Marisa A.

Evelyn P.

Kat F.

Betsy R.

A big thank you to all of the participants! Read even more of the entries below.

Greta K.

Natalie A.

Ellie Z.

Philip B.

Mabel H.

Hopson K.

Hopson K.

Evelyn P.

Evelyn P.

Evan M.

Paul K.

Paul K.

Paul K.

Mary K.

Marian S.

Lisa I.

Katherine K.

Jerry J.

Casandra G.

Carole F.

Ben P.

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