Gifts, memorials and bequests

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Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees November 13, 2023

Bethlehem Public Library (The Library) and the Board of Trustees (BOT) acknowledge that individuals, community groups, organizations, and other entities may wish to contribute to the holdings and resources of the Library though donations and gifts, or through tributes, memorials, and bequests. These contributions are recognized for the value they offer the Library and the current and future members of the Bethlehem community. 


The Library and BOT are grateful for gifts, memorials, and bequests and maintain the right to accept or decline specific contributions for any reason (s).

The Library cannot accept gifts, memorials, or bequests with restrictions or special conditions unless such restrictions or special conditions receive prior approval by the BOT. 


Individuals, groups, organizations, or other entities wishing to make monetary contributions should make checks payable to Bethlehem Public Library and mail the contribution to: Director, Bethlehem Public Library, 451 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY 12054.  Inquiries and questions should be sent to the Library Director.   

Individuals, groups or organizations, or other entities wishing to make alternate financial contributions should send an inquiry to the Library Director.  


Gifts and memorial items donated to the Library may include:

  • Digital or archival materials
  • Personal property
  • Art objects, paintings, antiques, or other collectibles
  • Other items

Gift and memorial items selected become the sole property of the Library.  The Library reserves the right to pass on to another institution, sell, discard, or recycle any gift or memorial item. All proceeds from the sale of gifted or donated items will be retained by the Library. Acknowledgement of gifts and donations for tax records may be provided, but appraisal of the value of gifted or donated items will not be provided by the Library.  If this is desired by the donor, certificate of appraisal must be secured by the donor prior to the donation. 

First Read 10/10/23
Second Read 11/13/23

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