Anti-nepotism policy

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Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees July 9, 2018

The Bethlehem Public Library (the “Library”) is committed to a policy of employment based on qualifications and merit that follows Albany County Civil Service Regulations. Accordingly, in order to maintain a system of fairness and consistent treatment to employees and potential employees, as well as to avoid actual or perceived conflict of interest, applicable Library personnel shall consider conflicts related to any familial relationship of a potential employee to any current Library employee or member of the Library board of trustees in making a hiring decision for a paid position at the Library.

In the event that the most qualified candidate for a paid position is presented to the board for hiring despite the existence of a familial relationship to a current Library employee or member of the Library board of trustees, the director shall document in writing the reasons why the candidate’s qualifications and merit for the paid position overcome any presumption of nepotism indicated by the familial relationship. Such documentation shall be presented to and approved by the board of trustees prior to making an offer of employment, provided that any member of the Library board of trustees with an implicated familial relationship recuse themselves from the approval process.  All records related to this policy shall be kept on file with the Library.

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